Jambo rafiki.

Karibu (Welcome)! I’m Michael Theys, founder of Africa Freak. I’m SO excited to have you as part of the Africa Freak Community!

Our raison d’être is to celebrate wild Africa and inspire positive change in the people we reach.

So whether you’re planning a vacation, researching the best safari destinations, or are simply curious about wild Africa, I’m confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Here are a few helpful resources to get you started…

5 Essential Safari Ingredients

Gain instant access to field-tested safari secrets praised by experts.

Plan Your Safari – The Basics

  • WHAT – Discover what a safari is all about.
  • WHERE – Where to go for the best safari destinations.
  • WHEN – When is the best time for a safari (clue: now!).
  • WHO – Communities, cultures and the animals you will encounter.
  • HOW – Practical tips for an unbeatable safari.
  • WHY – Safari inspires conservation and self discovery.
  • DEALS – Get inspired with our sample itineraries and special offers.
  • START – Start customising your own safari experience.

Ultimate Safari Guide

You are about to fall in love with Africa, and the call of the wild. Here’s the last safari guide you’ll ever need.

The Best of Africa Freak

A crash course in local culture. Suggestions for your safari. Fun trivia about African wildlife. Sound recordings and a lot more! Click here to dive in.

Live Wildlife TV

Live African wildlife webcams

Direct feed from wildlife hotspots in South Africa and Botswana – a real-life wildlife movie that never ends. Start watching now.

Top Wildlife Videos

Brighten your day with some of Africa’s finest animal videos out there, updated in near real-time. Go explore.

Best Wildlife Photos

Looking for beautiful wildlife images instead? Here you go.


Why is Africa Freak such a great community? Because of people like you!

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I’ve been privileged to experience the stunning beauty of Africa, the simplicity of her people and the primal energy of her wildlife.

I created Africa Freak to share the beauty of this incredible place with you.

I want to help you explore Africa and have it be the best experience of your life!

Asante sana (thank you very much) for joining our community.

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