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Are you looking for some of the best African wildlife photography on the Internet?

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While we used to be able to serve incredible animal photography directly from Instagram, due to policy changes this is no longer possible.

That being said, here’s a list of top wildlife photographers who work almost exclusively on the African continent.

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Best African Wildlife Photography on Instagram

10 inspiring wildlife photographers to follow on Instagram.

1. @beverlyjoubert

Beverly Joubert's Instagram profile

Beverly Joubert’s Instagram profile.

Award-winning photographer & filmmaker. @dereckjoubert & herself produce African wildlife conservation documentaries.

2. @willbl

Will-Burrard-Lucas' Instagram profile

Will-Burrard-Lucas’ Instagram profile.

Wildlife photographer, founder of @Camtraptions, creator of #BeetleCam, Sony Ambassador.

3. @mpoliza

Michael Poliza's Instagram profile

Michael Poliza’s Instagram profile.

World traveler & memory creator. Michael takes people to the most beautiful places in the world. Online and in real life! All pics taken by the man himself.

4. @franslanting

Frans Lanting's Instagram profile

Frans Lanting’s Instagram profile.

Nat Geo Photographer.

Author/Public Speaker/Creator of images, stories and events.

To inspire wonder and concern about our living planet.

5. @davidlloyd

David Lloyd's Instagram profile

David Lloyd’s Instagram profile.

Photographer from NZ living in UK.

Books, prints and photo safaris.

All animals wild and free.

All pictures photoshop free.

6. @isak.pretorius

Isak Pretorius' Instagram profile

Isak Pretorius’ Instagram profile.

Full time specialist photo guide.

Join him on safari.

7. @patrickbentleyphotography

Patrick Bentley's Instagram profile

Patrick Bentley’s Instagram profile.

Photographer | Conservationist from Zambia.

Limited edition prints.

8. @paulonsafari

Paul Kirui's Instagram profile

Paul Kirui’s Instagram profile.

Professional safari guide and wildlife photographer.

Winner: Eco-warrior best guide of the year award- 2016 & 2017.

9. @shemimages

Shem Compion's Instagram profile

Shem Compion’s Instagram profile.

It’s amazing what a little black box can do.

Personally guided photo safaris- Africa and the world with C4 Photo Safaris.

Co-producer #ZeroToZero.

10. @pietroluraschi

Pietro Luraschi's Instagram profile

Pietro Luraschi’s Instagram profile.

Private guide, fine art photographer and trainer.

Pietro guides and tailors safaris in the most incredible wilderness, capturing the soul of it as he sees it.

Did you value our Instagram picks?

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