Getting Started

How to Get Started as a Contributor

Jambo rafiki,

Thanks a lot for your interest in becoming a contributor. We are extremely grateful. 🙂

Your registration demand has been reviewed and approved. It is a real pleasure to welcome you onboard.


What kind of topics do you have in mind?

Do not hesitate to share insights, tips, photographs or videos with our audience. Notice, however, that all posts will initially be pending for review.

If you stick to the website’s niche nonetheless, and your primary objective is to add real value, your content should get approved with ease.

NB: General guest post guidelines also apply. Click here for details in full!

Extra Guidelines

In order to enter your admin, please follow the next steps:

1. Log in using your username and chosen password. If required, do not hesitate to change them.

2. Enter your bio info and social media network.

3. If you would like a custom avatar (photo) to go with your vCard, first visit After registration, choose an image you’d like to use for our website.

NB: Make sure the email address provided in your gravatar profile corresponds to the one submitted on the Africa Freak registration form. Otherwise the avatar will not be recognized by Africa Freak.

For any further queries, follow the appropriate instructions in the “Resources” section.

Golden Rules

A few golden rules to remember:

1. Your content should be unique and specifically written for Africa Freak.

2.  We’re looking for great content. Evergreen. Educational. Content that attracts people, starts conversations, and develops relationships.

3. Don’t count your characters. Make your characters count.

4. Illustrations such as photos or videos, are highly encouraged. However they will only be accepted if they are your own, are royalty-free or if you were given specific permission to use them.

For any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Once again, a huge thank you and we look forward to reading your valuable content! 🙂

Happy blogging,

Michael and the Africa Freak team