How Much Does a Safari Cost?

A safari is not a cheap travel experience. It costs more to visit Africa than it is to visit Asia and you should forget any preconceptions that Africa is a cheap continent to travel in. Don’t think about making Africa a budget trip. Instead, think of how much the African safari experience will be worth to you.

There’s nowhere else in the world where you can experience such an incredible connection with nature, and there’s nowhere else you can encounter these special animals.

Okay, Asia also has elephants, but they’ve been tamed and can be ridden. Africa’s elephants are more than double the size and remain as wild as ever.

For an entry-level safari set aside USD 200 per person per day. From here there’s a sliding scale all the way to USD 1000 per day. Some of the exclusive camps charge even more.

Just remember where this money is going. You’re being safely transported to some of the world’s final wildernesses, into a land that’s populated by millions of mammals. And it’s incredibly rare to meet someone who went on safari and didn’t believe it was worth the expense.

Our WHY section has more information on conservation fees and the role of safari in keeping these places as pristine as they always have been.

Almost all safari programs are fully inclusive, encompassing activities, guides, accommodation, transport, food and a menu of drinks. Check your program carefully because some activities like hot air ballooning are additional.

You won’t find much contrast in costs between individual countries but there’s definitely a hierarchy of price for different destinations.

We wouldn’t recommend starting the journey by thinking about how much it’s going to cost. Check out the WHERE and WHEN, decide what you really want to experience, then connect with a specialist tour operator and see how it can fit within your budget.

It’s amazing how well a customised Africa safari can suit your budget.