The Wildlife You Encounter on a Safari

The landscapes amaze and the settings baffle, but it’s the wildlife of Africa that makes safari real. And the wildlife really is wild.

It couldn’t be more different from a zoo.

Africa provides space for the true majesty of nature to be revealed, creating places where you come eye to eye with the greatest animals that walk our planet.

Visit a zoo and the animals are caged and fed. In the wild you’ll witness how survival dictates every sense, every moment. You rarely see an animal in isolation.

A safari places you centerstage for the dramatic interaction between wild animals. So try not to think of a tick list, because safari is so much more than getting a snapshot.

You may think it strange to find African animals under the who’s who of safari. But remember, while the animals are wild the safari experience is centred around a level of interaction.

You will be sharing the landscape with the wild mammals, and there’s nothing more impressive than a four-legged giant staring straight back into your eyes.

Planning Your African Safari

What animals do you want to see? What is your idea of a dream safari? Talk to us and let’s make it happen!