Funny and unusual “signs” of the wild

Ever been on an African safari to come across intriguing “signs” of the wild?

And by signs I do not mean “spoor” or any physical characteristics associated with wildlife, but rather signs as in “signboards”; road signs, or funny billboards.

I made a compilation of some of the most exquisite ones I came across on African soil.

Hope you enjoy them! 😉

Unique Animal Crossing Signs

  • Hippo Crossing
Picture taken in Namibia
  • Beware of Hyenas
Brown hyena crossing sign along the Namibian coast
  • Usual Game Crossing Signboard
Antelopes ahead
  • Ostrich Sign
Doesn’t look too busy, does it? 🙂
  • Warthog Country
Pumba’s homeland
  • Elephant Crossing
Elephants have the right of way
  • Zebra Crossing
Not the kind of stuff you’d see in the West, huh? 🙂

Funny Animal-Related Signs

  • Coca Cola Ad
Nothing like a Cola when it’s hot and feeling thirsty… even in the middle of the bush! 😉
  • Ironic Baboons?
They sure look extremely “ferocious”! 🙂
  • Don’t Feed Wild Animals
Don’t feed animals… OR this might happen to you! 😉
  • Giraffe Turn
Stairway to heaven? Turn right! 🙂
  • Springbok Joke
No comment! 🙂
  • Speeding Not Tolerated
What about baboons?
  • Extreme Caution Sign
Cute little dik dik enjoying a snack

WARNING Animal Signs

  • Crocodile Beach
St Lucia Wetlands, South Africa.
  • Keep your Distance
Addo Elephant Park, Eastern Cape (SA).
  • What NOT to Do on Safari!
Do’s and Don’ts – Pilanesberg National Park
  • How Close is Close?
Bakubung Lodge, North West Province (SA)
  • Right of Way
Even the smallest of creatures are kings out in the bush
  • Lion Warning
Addo Elephant Park, Eastern Cape (SA)
  • Penguin Parking
Beware: Penguins having a nap!

Which Pic’s Your Favourite? Feel Free to Comment Below! 😉

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