GRACE Gorilla Cam

GRACE gorilla forest corridor live cam

Has the human-like nature of gorillas ever amazed you?

Primatologists have studied fossils and concluded that humans share an ancestor with chimps and gorillas (although tracing the divergence is a little bit more complicated).

This genetic connection makes gorillas even more fascinating.

Watching a gorilla live is both mesmerizing and humbling. Their large, strong bodies move in a graceful and majestic way, stirring both excitement and awe.

The Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (GRACE) is near the Tayna Nature Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a hot spot for gorillas.

One of GRACE’s core ambitions is to care for rescued Grauer’s gorillas. They also work with local Congolese communities to promote the conservation of wild gorillas.

GRACE’s passion for the area extends to the habitat of the gorillas and the conservation of the forests. In partnership with, GRACE has set up live cams to showcase the gorillas in a “raw, unscripted, and unedited” way.

More Than Just a Gorilla Stream

The gorilla live cam gives people all around the world an opportunity to get up close and personal with the majestic beasts in real-time. At least, in a technological capacity.

The stream is so clear that viewers are able to hear the crunch of the leaves, and the sniffs of the animals. Giving the impression that you are there in person.

The feed operates during the day and the night, sharing a glimpse into the daily habits of the gorillas in the forest corridor of the Congo.

During the stream, watch GRACE gorillas playing, sleeping, and munching on stems, bamboo shoots, and fruits. Listen carefully and you may hear a typical gorilla belch or chuckle.

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Top tip: The best time to view the live gorilla cam is between 2 am – 3:30 am PT and 5 am – 7:30 am PT. Luckily, the rewind feature on YouTube allows viewers to catch the golden moments regardless.

How to Donate to Save the Gorillas

Silverback Grauer's gorilla in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, eastern DRC

Sadly, the glorious mountain gorilla is an endangered species. The species is at risk because of habitat destruction, poaching, and even civil unrest (note how all of these conditions are human-based).

What the GRACE gorilla streams offer is an opportunity to enjoy the world’s largest primate in their natural environment. But that’s not all. They also offer a space to appreciate the animals and learn to respect their lives.

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries has accredited the GRACE organization which tells supporters that their organization provides quality and humane care for animals.

The organization gives people the opportunity to donate, adopt a gorilla, and even shop their merchandise.

Experience the Gorillas in Person

While the livestream offers a special preview into the lives of the gorillas, it’s nothing compared to a sanctioned mountain gorilla trekking experience. There’s no better way to celebrate wild Africa than by putting yourself in the middle of it.

In the meantime, you can watch the GRACE gorillas enjoy the rain and tickle their own noses.

Gorillas: 98.6% Human (Gorilla Documentary)

A gorilla experience like no other.

“Explore founder Charlie Annenberg travels to Rwanda to bring us up close to these gentle creatures.”

“Through breathtaking footage of gorillas and the mystical mountains they call home – and guidance from Craig Sholley of African Wildlife Foundation – Charlie learns about efforts to preserve gorillas while feeling the adrenaline rush of a close encounter.”

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1 thought on “GRACE Gorilla Cam”

  1. NB (August 2020 Update): The GRACE Gorilla cam is down due to a lightning strike. Replacement parts are on their way!

    “Explore and GRACE staff are tracking the shipment of parts needed to repair the gorilla cam closely – the good news is they’re not too far from GRACE! We know you’re missing the livestream as much as we are. In the meantime, you might enjoy learning more about Lubutu, the second eldest male at GRACE.”

    “Lubutu arrived at GRACE in 2011 as a malnourished, traumatized infant. Now he’s on his way to becoming a healthy silverback, and caregivers suspect he may grow to be larger than the group’s current silverback leader, Kighoma! This is a great story of the power and importance of the rehabilitative care gorillas receive at GRACE. It also means that group dynamics among the gorillas may be shifting!”

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