20 best African wildlife photography websites & photographers

Nick Brandt Photography

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the African savannah, grasslands, and forests. And the same holds true for the wide variety of animals that call these places their home.

From the magnificent Big Five to smaller critters like the dik-dik, leopard tortoise, or elephant shrew, each animal in Africa is a sight to behold.

While it’s best to view Africa’s wildlife in its natural habitat, this is not something most people have the pleasure of doing on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there are ways to celebrate the African wild each day. And one of the best methods is through photographs.

So without further ado, here is a great list of African wildlife photography websites to add to your bookmarks.

Tip: Another great way to view African animals from the comfort of your home is through video, so be sure to check out this WildEarth safari live stream, too.

Best Wildlife Photography Websites

Below are some of the best African wildlife photographer websites. See everything from Africa’s beautiful bird species to the infamous “Ugly Five”.

Africa Imagery (by Roger and Pat de la Harpe Photography)

Roger and Pat de la Harpe Photography website screenshot

Running this website are two freelance photographers and writers (Roger and Pat de la Harpe) who share a passion for Africa’s animals, natural history, and indigenous culture.

This passion translates into some of the most spectacular images of Africa, its people, and its wildlife.


Burrard-Lucas Wildlife Photography

Burrard-Lucas Wildlife Photography website screenshot

Will Burrard-Lucas is a professional wildlife photographer known for using technology and innovation to photograph wildlife in new ways.

Through his imagery, he aims to capture intimate portraits of Africa’s wildlife; ones that will leave viewers in awe.


David Lloyd Photography

David Lloyd Photography website screenshot

This wildlife and travel photography blog belongs to award-winning photographer David Lloyd. He has traveled all over Africa to capture some of the most impressive images.

He leans more towards black and white, though there are colorful photos as well on his site. David aims to appeal to buyers of framed photographs. 


Greg Du Toit Photography & Safaris

Greg du Toit Photography website screenshot

This website shows the works of the acclaimed African wildlife photographer and private safari guide Greg du Toit.

Greg believes in the raw beauty of Africa and, fittingly, does not use bait, camera traps, or digital manipulation when photographing the various intimate moments he experiences in the wild.


Isak Pretorius Photography

Isak Pretorius Photography website screenshot

Isak Pretorius is a naturalist who loves photographing the beauty of the natural world. He also organises exclusive wildlife photo safaris in the heart of the African bush.


Jonathan and Angela Scott Wildlife Photography

Jonathan and Angela Scott Wildlife Photography website screenshot

Jonathan and Angela Scott are world-renowned for their amazing photography skills. Jonathan is co-presenter of the hugely popular BBC television series Big Cat Diary.


Karine Aigner Photography

Karine Aigner Photography website screenshot

Karine Aigner is a photo editing photographer and photography photo editor. Does both, loves both.


Marius Coetzee Photography (Oryx Photo Tours)

Marius Coetzee Photography website screenshot

Marius Coetzee is a young and gifted African photographer.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Oryx Photo Tours, an expert safari guide and expedition leader.


Michael Poliza Photography

Michael Poliza Photography website screenshot

As the New York Times puts it, Michael’s work “might change the way you think about photography”.

Michael Poliza’s big books: Africa, Eyes over Africa, and Antarctic.


Morkel Erasmus Photography

Morkel Erasmus Photography website screenshot

Exploring Southern Africa in a high dynamic range. Photography by Morkel Erasmus.

morkelerasmus.com (website currently offline; follow him on Facebook)

Nick Brandt Portfolios

Nick Brandt Photography website screenshot

Nick Brandt’s photography of the disappearing natural world of Africa.

A real artist who no longer needs an introduction.


Nick On Wild

Nick Leuenberger Photography website screenshot

Nick Leuenberger shares his shots from Kings Pool, northeast of the Okavango Delta (bordering Namibia’s Caprivi Strip).

nickonwild.co.za (website currently offline; visit olifantsreserve.co.za to get in touch)

Nigel Dennis Wildlife Photography

Nigel Dennis Photography website screenshot

This is a nature photography website that features images of African wildlife and landscapes.


Patrick Bentley Photography

Patrick Bentley Photography website screenshot

Patrick Bentley is a renowned photographer and conservationist from Zambia.

On his website, view incredible wildlife images from Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.


Pietro Luraschi

Pietro Luraschi Photography website screenshot

Pietro Luraschi is a consultant, guide, and trainer for various companies and camps, as well as a private guide for guests who want to have a deeper understanding of the bush.


Serengeti Wildlife (by Uwe Skrzypczak)

Uwe Skrzypczak Photography website screenshot

This African animal photography website provides the latest news and photos from East Africa, particularly the Serengeti.


Shem Images

Shem Compion Photography website screenshot

Shem Compion is a professional wildlife and nature photographer whose passion is to share his love for animals, natural wonders, and people with others.

As such, he travels far and wide to capture some of the most impressive images, all of which are on his website.


Wild Eye

Wild Eye Photography website screenshot

Wild Eye Destinations and Photography is the collaborative result of the creative minds of Jono Buffey, Gerry Van Der Walt, and Andrew Beck.


Wildlife Films (By Dereck and Beverly Joubert)

Dereck and Beverly Joubert Photography website screenshot

Dereck and Beverly Joubert are award-winning filmmakers, National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence, and wildlife conservationists.

They have been filming, photographing, researching, and exploring in Africa for over 30 years.


Wildlife Pictures Online

Wildlife Pictures Online Photography website screenshot

This wildlife photography website is sure to bring you closer to the animals of Africa.


Admire Shots From the Best African Wildlife Photographers and Websites

Tower of giraffe in morning light, Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa

So there you have it, an extensive list of some of the best African wildlife photography websites featuring top photographers.

With these websites, you’ll be able to marvel at Africa’s most incredible animal species and landscapes.

Some photographs may also be available for purchase, so you can print them, have them framed, and stick them up in your home or office space.

While it’s possible to celebrate Africa’s wildlife online, nothing beats the real thing. For a chance to view the majestic lion, towering giraffe, bathing hippos, and plenty more, check out these African safari deals.

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Best of luck!

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    Keep up the good work!

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    Morkel Erasmus

  3. Hey Michael, this is a a great selection of wildlife photography websites – well done! All these sites are good in that they provide value in the way of advice and are not just ‘sales’ sites, selling photos. Having wildlife photography as my hobby I was aware of only 50% of these sites.



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      1. Lovely surprise to come across this site – and thank you so much for featuring us among so many wonderful photographers. The focus of our life’s work now is the Sacred Nature Initiative. That idea came about when we published Sacred Nature: Life’s Eternal Dance (HPH) in 2016. We are currently working on Sacred Nature Vol 2: Reconnecting People to Our Planet for publication in mid-2021. The three pillars of the SNI are – INSPIRE – EDUCATE/INFORM – CONSERVE. The environment needs to rise to the top of every discussion – and photography can play a powerful role in helping to raise awareness of both the beauty and the plight of our planet. Warm regards from our home in Kenya:

        Jonathan and Angela Scott

        1. Dear Jonathan and Angela,

          My pleasure, thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

          We definitely need to raise awareness about Africa’s environment (and our beautiful planet in general).

          Take care, hopefully we get to meet some day.


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