What About Food on Safari?

Have you ever dined around a campfire?

How about dining around campfire when elephants are hooting in the distance and wild animals are silhouetted against the horizon?

Have you eaten breakfast or sipped on a morning coffee as a large herd of zebra are splashing in the river below?

Safari isn’t just about what you eat but where you eat it.

Bush picnics are eaten besides lakes filled with hippos.

Snacks and hot flask coffee are enjoyed while watching a drawn-out lion hunt.

Some days you’ll take a basic packed lunch on a full-day game drive, while on other days there will be a lavish spread back at the lodge.

The food is generally organic and healthy. Everything must be transported out to the wilderness so operators much prefer to use what’s readily available in the surrounding area.

There will be a chance to try particular game meats and the menu usually mixes Western dishes with local influences.

Most people are surprised by how well they eat on safari. Then again, most people are surprised by almost everything they experience on safari.

Food is just one part of the experience when you customise your own safari.