10 wildlife charities worth supporting this Christmas (and beyond)

Christmas is awesome. A season to spend with loved ones, be grateful for what you have and show your appreciation to those around you.

If you’re reading this, you most likely care about the conservation of our precious wildlife. What better time of year to show a little love to wildlife than Christmas?

We can do this by supporting wildlife charities. After all, it’s mainly us humans that cause so much harm to wildlife that maybe it’s time we gave a little back.

Let’s take a look at ten wildlife charities you can donate to this Christmas (and beyond).


You don’t have to be one of the world’s top philanthropists to make a huge difference in the world. A donation to Tusk could help elephants in 18 different countries across Africa.

Although the charity does focus on elephants, it also helps a huge array of different African animals. Tusk addresses the conflict between animals and humans.

2. African Wildlife Foundation

The AWF cover nearly all of Africa with their great work. They care not only for the animals but for the people too. And look after the environment for wildlife to thrive.

AWF has ongoing projects with giraffes, gorillas, rhinos and elephants to name but a few.

3. African Conservation Foundation

ACF’s primary mission is to “change the approach of the management and utilization of natural resources to one in which the needs of human development in the region are reconciled with biodiversity conservation”.

Their work is organised around 6 specific objectives: field conservation, capacity building, networking, community development, conservation education and research.

Get involved and learn more about what they do here.

4. Wildlife Act

A hands on charity that monitors reserves across Africa. Wildlife Act makes sure species such as cheetahs and lions are cared for and not harmed. The organisation relies on volunteers so if you want to get out there and make a difference you can.

5. Endangered Wildlife Trust

For years the EWT has helped out wildlife. Projects to save the African crane and different birds of prey have made huge impacts. The charity has other projects running at the moment that you can get involved with such as the conservation of the riverine rabbit.


Cleaning the dreadful oil spill along the South African coast was SANCCOB’s greatest achievement. Penguins have a lot to be thankful for their continued hard work. Their dedicated team not only looks after penguins but many other seabirds too.

Help a penguin today and donate or even adopt “an egg”.

7. FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation

These are the vets for the wild. They rely on messages from the public about animals that are endangered, hurt or sick. This KZN-based centre has done wonders for suburban wildlife around the country.

Exotic animals are difficult to deal with and help so FWR is a vital force in the protection of wildlife.

8. Lajuma Research Centre

LRC researches the Soutpansberg Mountain Range, updating the database of the region’s ecology. This helps wildlife in that specific area. It’s charities like this that help implement conservation projects around the world.

9. PADI Aware

PADI Aware is a vital charity that raises awareness of the wildlife in our oceans. Sea life is so precious we need to take steps to preserve it. Donations to charities like this will really help.

10. Daktari Bush School

A fabulous idea for a charity. If we educate children about the need to protect wildlife then surely this will have long term results. Daktari Bush School “works to educate and inspire children to value their environment and stimulate community projects”.

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