Bushbaby’s feast

Stilts Backpackers is not only famous for its tree house accommodation: it is also home to some interesting wildlife amongst the tree tops.

If you’re looking for some close encounters with greedy bushbabies you should definitely spend time in the area.

Stilts is in the heart of Diani. It is opposite Ali Barbours Cave, and only a few minutes walk from Forty Thieves beach (as of 2019 the bar is permanently closed).

The greater bushbabies are being fed every evening at 7 pm sharp, so be ready for some action and always have a camera handy! They are definitely worth it! 🙂

Here’s a little taste of my experience with the greedy little buggers.

Enjoy! 😉

Feeding the Bushbabies (Video)

The “Feast” in Pictures

Where’s my meal?
Thanks mate, it’s very kind of you!
Stuffing myself…feels SOOO good! 🙂
Hmmm…what’s next?
“Pole pole”…time for some rest!
Yummy banana!
Nice and juicy!
Doing funny faces.
I bet you can’t do this, can you?
Posing for the camera.
What’re you looking at?
The stare says it all (“FEED me”)!
Back off, it’s MY banana!
Let’s see…any leftovers?
Enjoying every mouthful!
It’s “tongue lickin” good! 🙂
Kwaheri! 😉

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