How to make “Ugandan style” briquettes

In Uganda, elderly people are using charcoal dust and cassava flour to make briquettes.

Briquettes are a cheap alternative to firewood and traditional charcoal.

By using briquettes they have stopped cutting down trees and reduced smoke related diseases in their families.

This is how they do it.

Homemade Briquettes (Video Recap)

List of ingredients:

  • charcoal
  • cassava flour
  • water

Step 1: How to prepare the glue

1. Boil water.

2. Pour cold water in a bowl.

3. Add cassava flour.

4. Mix until smooth.

5. Add boiling water.

6. Mix some more.

7. Heat the mixture…

… until it thickens.

The glue is now ready.

Step 2: How to prepare the charcoal

1. Heat the charcoal…

… until it crumbles.

2. Pound the charcoal.

Step 3: How to make the briquettes

1. Mix the charcoal with the glue.

2. Mold into briquettes and cover with charcoal powder.

3. Bake briquettes under the sun.

Et voilà! 😉

This documentary is part of a series of stories of people who, despite their different cultural, economic and social backgrounds, have something crucial in common; their appreciation of their own strengths and their willingness to use them to fulfill their common dreams.

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The elders in the movie are supported by Health Nest Uganda.

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