Wildebeest Eco Camp – A piece of paradise

As some of you might know, I recently landed in Nairobi and I’m currently staying at the Wildebeest Eco Camp, conveniently located in the beautiful Langata area.

For those of you who’re thinking of choosing this venue for their next holidays to Kenya, here’s an overview of what the Wildebeest Eco Camp is all about.

Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Wildebeest

1. Location

The Wildebeest Eco Camp is a real piece of Eden, set in a stunning location and within minutes from major tourist attractions such as the Sheldrick elephant orphanage, Nairobi National Park (believe it or not, but you can sometimes hear lions or hyenas calling from a distance), the Giraffe center or Karen Blixen museum.

Main entrance gate
Pathway to the camp
Reception area
The gift shop
The lawns (from the reception area)
Camping and playground area
One of the tents (camping option)
Camp overview
Stunning setting, isn’t it?
Deck and restaurant area

Guest lounge
Fancy a pool game? 🙂
Water lilies in total splendor
If you’re a keen bird watcher you’ll see lots of pretty birds on property
Pumba’s family
The camp wouldn’t be what it is without its very own “wildebeest” specimens
These musical frogs are as quiet as the grave, but the ones at night can be VERY vocal!
Pick a book, sit back and relax
Enjoy the lush gardens
…and benefit from the wonderful terrace!
Magnificent bougainvillea
Pretty flower beds

2. Pricing

If you’re looking for value for money, then the Wildebeest Eco Camp is definitely for you. You can choose from a wide variety of accommodation options and can stay overnight for as little as 1000 Kenyan Shillings (+/- $12).

Dorm tents (left) and garden tents (in the background)

3. Friendly Staff

Kenyans are well known for their hospitality and the staff at Wildebeest is no exception. People are extremely friendly and always willing to help with a smile on their face! 🙂

4. Choice of Accommodation

Whether you are looking for a nice camping spot, a dorm bed, “budget room” or a deluxe safari tent, the choice is yours.

Deluxe safari tents
Each deluxe tent has its very own deck and ensuite with hot shower, basin and flush toilet
Such tents are available from 7500 KSH

5. Free Wi Fi

Wi Fi is sometimes available in Nairobi but the Internet connection is not always reliable, and when it is it usually comes at a cost.

Wildebeest Wi Fi is not only FREE but also highly reliable (and relatively fast according to local standards).

Rather useful when you’ve got work to do or would like to stay in touch with your family and friends. 😉

Are There Any Negatives to this True “Piece of Paradise”?

While I would highly recommend the Wildebeest Eco Camp, here’s some general remarks I noted:

Cleanliness: decent but could be improved upon (especially in the common ablutions and toilet facilities).

Communal rest room area
Communal shower

Service: sometimes a bit slow and lacking in efficiency.

NB: Make sure your reservation is in the system or you might end up “homeless” (the place gets really busy and there are sometimes confusions in the bookings).

Food: the buffet is fabulous but the ”à la carte” menu is relatively lean.

Location/Transport: the camp is a little isolated and the nearest shopping center (Galleria Mall) is 30 minutes away (on foot).

There are two ways to travel in the area: using a taxi (more expensive but “safer”option; +/- 1500 Kenyan Shillings one way, to the city center), or by catching a matatu (local transport in a minibus; you can catch one from Galleria Mall; shouldn’t cost you more than +/- 50 Kenyan Shillings either way).

Overall Camp Rating?

I’d give it a very good 4/5 star rating. 🙂

A huge thank you to Alan, Lynita, Oliver, Joel and team for their incredible hospitality.

You guys rock, keep up the fab work! 🙂

==> Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention Barney, Fatty (the dogs) and the blue monkeys for their daily entertainment. They will surely participate in making your stay “even more” pleasurable. 😉

Safari njema! 🙂

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  1. It was a lovely stay overall apart from one of the male members of the staff who bossed us around since we were teenagers. He came into our tent without permission. Walked in with a cigarette in his mouth asking us to do specific tasks. He was very rude indeed and this really gave us discomfort.

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