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WildlifeCampus is a FGASA Endorsed, International Online Virtual Campus. We offer a wide variety of Guiding, Wildlife-related, Natural Science and Ecotourism Courses, covering the spectacular diversity of life found on our planet and specifically on those found on African savannas. We were established in the year 2000 and have carried our FGASA Endorsement ever since.


WildlifeCampus is a division of Anchor Group, a JSE Listed Asset Management company. WildlifeCampus is highly conservation-driven and proudly supports The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), Care for Wild Africa and The Wilderness Trust.

In the writing of these courses, we often wonder what they would have been like if written 200 years ago. Certainly, they would not have had nearly the depth of information that has been supplied now, but it would have had attributes that we think are far more important. Firstly, it would have contained more species, now lost to our planet forever. And, instead of just being able to describe the great herds that these animals used to frequent (and the vast areas that they used to inhabit), perhaps we could have shown you.

These thoughts have led us to think about what these courses would offer if written in a further 200 years. No doubt fewer species and less land still.

It strikes us with a cruel irony that just at the point of our own evolution, where we finally decide to learn more about the world and the creatures around us, we find that there are far less creatures than there used to be, and those still here, only exist in habitats growing smaller every day. WildlifeCampus provides you with the opportunity to assist in turning the tide against diminishing habitats and the continuing extinction of species.

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