The seven styles of safari sleeping

When organising your safari holiday you’ll have to decide what kind of accommodation you require. Different trips will offer different facilities, here we give you a run down on the seven most common styles:

1. Private Safari Villa

You’re living the dream in safari terms. You will enjoy numerous rooms and communal areas for your travel companions.

Whilst there can be some variation between individual houses, the accommodation is generally of a high standard and well protected; leaving the wildlife for during the day!

You are normally expected to book these out as a group of family or friends.

2. Safari Lodge

There is much fluctuation in levels of comfort and facilities on offer, but these lodges at least provide 2 amenities: walls and a roof!

Joking aside, the standard you would expect from a tourist safari lodge is generally high; often with en-suite facilities, and occasionally a swimming pool for you to take a cooling dip in and escape the heat.

3. Tent Lodges

Despite their name, this accommodation is quite different from what you’d expect of a ‘tent’. Often canvas walls will be the only difference between this and a hotel room.

Be sure to know what to expect before you travel though as facilities differ between destinations and companies, so read reviews and liaise with experts if possible.

4. Bush Camps

These camps are typically constructed using the surrounding nature; everything from bamboo to reeds are employed to create a rustic charming structure for your stay.

Don’t expect much in the way of bathroom facilities; the likelihood is that the toilet will be open air and unplumbed. But isn’t that how nature intended?!

5. Seasonal Tented Camps

These camps are permanently constructed in one place and therefore usually offer decent facilities. They will usually close over the rainy period.

6. Luxury Mobile Camps

Arguably one of the best ways to experience Africa; these tents are moved around every few days so the area you’ll stay in will be practically unspoilt, and you may even be the first one to stay in that spot!

Bathroom facilities will typically be in the form of a chemical toilet or long drop; plumbing is a lot harder to move around!

7. Adventure Camping / Fly Camping

Feeling wild? This will be the option for you, nothing separates you from the wilderness aside from your tent’s canvas and mosquito net!

The tents used for this type of camping are more familiar to those of us who have yet to venture to Africa, being lightweight and fast to setup makes them ideal for traveling ‘on the fly’ and seeing where the day takes you.

So there you have it; the seven styles of safari! Everybody has their favourite, so why not discuss in the comments what you think is the best way to see Africa?

Photos and Information Courtesy of Safari Consultants.

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