Africa is a LOT larger than you think (and here’s proof)

If you believe your geographical knowledge is as good as Ptolemy’s, or that you’re smarter than Galileo, think again. Because what you’re about to find out will most likely knock your socks off!

Do you know how large Africa truly is?


Alright, give it your best shot.

What’s the true size of Africa?

You might say it’s about the size of North America, or perhaps a little larger than Russia?

Enough guess work, here you go… 😉

Africa is a lot larger than you think - true size of Africa Kai Krause
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Turns out the standard Mercator projection is completely misleading, right?

Judging by this map alone it almost feels as if Greenland is as big as Africa, yet in reality the African continent is almost 15 times larger!

To give you a better sense of Africa’s sheer size, Kai Krause puts it this way:

Africa is so mind-numbingly immense, that it exceeds the common assumptions by just about anyone I ever met: it contains the entirety of the USA, all of China, India, as well as Japan and pretty much all of Europe as well – all combined!

Right above you can see “each of the main 5 swallowed up inside the landmass of Africa, one at a time to make it clearer”.

China and India, for instance, have larger populations than Africa’s 1.1 billion, yet they both fit easily.

And by taking a closer look at the table below, you realise that these set of countries by area also add up to less than Africa.

Pretty cool, huh? Even Keanu seems to be impressed… 😛

Keanu wow

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