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Scenic Flight Video

Where do scenic flights depart from?

Scenic flights over the Okavango Delta usually depart from Maun airport (Maun is Botswana’s 5th largest town).

What is the buffalo fence?

– The buffalo fence separates the wild animals from the domestic ones.

– It stops the spread of the foot-and-mouth disease, an infectious viral disease that affects cloven-hoofed animals including domestic and wild bovids (such as buffalo).

Are there lots of animals in the Okavango?

Yes, there’s loads of them (over 200,000 large mammals in the area). Especially if you venture over the Moremi Game Reserve.

One of the advantages of a scenic flight is that you cover a relatively large area, so chances are you will see lots of game compared to the typical mokoro safaris.

The featured video might not illustrate this well, but we were extremely privileged to see numerous animal species.

Some of them included elephant, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, red lechwe, giraffe, and waterbuck.

Don’t the animals get annoyed or scared of the aircraft’s engine?

The pilot is ordered not to circle over the animals as it may indeed stress them a bit.

In other words, you have to be extremely vigilant in order to spot the animals as the pilot will not turn around to show them to you.

Is it easy to take pictures from up there?

While the windows are wider than average to enable better photographic opportunities, I wouldn’t say it is “easy” to take pictures whilst flying.

More often than none, by the time you spot something interesting it is too late to take good shots. 🙂

My advice: Fire away when you can and sort your pics later. 😉

Oh yes, another thing is to enjoy the moment with your eyes, not always with your camera. After all, memories last forever…

How much does it cost to fly over the Delta?

Depending on the company you choose and how many people join you on the scenic flight, it will cost you from as little as USD 65-75.

I did it through the Sitatunga Camp, 13 km out of Maun. You can find out more about all their activities via the Delta Rain website.

How long does a scenic flight last?

45 minutes is the duration of the flight, excluding take-off and landing.

How high is the plane during the flight?

The plane flies at approximately 500 feet above ground level (+/- 152 m).