How to make sugarcane juice – Zanzibar special

Zanzibar is not only known for its pristine beaches and renowned spice tour, it also has a few delicacies worth trying out. Ever heard of the famous “Zanzibar pizza” for instance (dough filled with meat, vegetables, eggs or sweet ingredients)? It’s yummy delicious! 🙂

Today’s post isn’t about “pizza” though, but it is also a specialty found at the Night Market (Forodhani gardens, in Stone Town).

Nope, today’s about an “extra special” drink that I discovered back in the days: sugar cane juice.

How to Make Sugarcane Juice – What you Need

– Sugarcane juice maker machine or press.

– Cut sugarcane stalks.

– Ice.

– A sieve.

Sugar Cane Juice Health Benefits

– Extremely tasty! 🙂

– Very refreshing and re-hydrating.

– Replenishes your body with high energy, carbohydrates and protein.

– Only contains raw, unrefined sugar, no simple sugars.

– Sugar cane has a low glycemix index, which keeps the body’s metabolism healthy.

– It is plentiful in natural minerals and vitamins.

– The stalk is an alkalizing substance, and is therefore highly recommended for diseases such as breast and prostate cancer.

– Sugarcane can also be enjoyed by diabetics without worry.

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