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Author and Afriworks founder Agyenim Boateng Boniface, alongside associate Richmond Asumin.

How can we solve the problem of exchange in Ghana’s Bitcoin community?

When I first read about Bitcoin, the feeling of euphoria and my expectations for it were unimaginable. But alas, things are not going the way I thought they would. I was happy because I thought Bitcoin was going to minimise the menace caused by Ghana’s central bank and also reduce unemployment levels, particularly among our youth. Those who […]

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Ethiopia is officially the world’s best tourist destination

Ethiopia has been voted as 2015’s top tourist destination. Competition organisers the European Council on Tourism and Trade chose Africa’s second-most populated country for its “excellent preservation of humanity landmarks”. Ethiopia is home to a cornucopia of UNESCO World Heritage monuments, such as the ruins of the city of Aksum, cynosure of ancient Ethiopia and the powerful Aksumite […]

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Moonshine and the middle class – does Africa have a drinking problem?

Populated as many of its countries are by a high percentage of abstinent practising Muslims, the proposition that Africa might at all have a problem with alcoholism may, to some, appear implausible. Even more so, when a massive number of non-drinking adults in many African nations returns alcohol statistics that suggest liquor is an issue barely worthy of concern. After all, […]

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Uganda needs investment for all – not just the rich

Uganda is a country on the move. Following the trauma of the Idi Amin period, political stability and economic policies aligned with international trade have generated economic development and social change – but are plans for attracting inward investment ignoring the economic realities facing Uganda’s people? The government of Uganda has a number of ambitious ten […]

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Beyond fishing: Diversifying livelihoods in the Lake Victoria Basin

More than 80 percent of the estimated 42 million people living in Central Africa’s Lake Victoria Basin depend on fishing or farming for survival. Given this overwhelming reliance on natural resources, the lake’s deteriorating condition – driven by climate change, agriculture, pollution, deforestation, overfishing, and industrialization – has far-reaching implications. Factors largely beyond individual’s control, […]

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Concrete creativity: The forgotten masterpieces of Afro Modernism

When a wave of independence swept across sub-Saharan Africa in the late 1950s and early 1960s, youthful nations looked to architecture as a means of expressing their newly-earned identity. Stadiums, parliament buildings, central banks, universities, conference centres and independence memorials were hastily constructed, typically built to bold and futuristic design. Modern, Utopian architecture paralleled the aspirations of countries determined to shape […]

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Landlocked Swaziland is dreaming of becoming a maritime power

Durban, Port of Richards Bay, Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam, Lagos… Africa is not short on monolithic seaports. These huge harbours act as vital access points for global trade and have become a key symbol of many developing nations’ aspirations for sovereignty and modernity. And now, a new player is intent on entering the game. Last month, the […]

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50 Cent takes bankruptcy in his stride; builds mansion in secret African location

50 Cent is building a secret mansion in Africa, despite filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US. The ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper showed off his luxurious new house last night, posting a video of the almost-completed construction to Instagram. Curtis Jackson, AKA 50 Cent, captioned the post: “My crib is almost finished in AFRICA. […]

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Internet speeds across Africa are surging – so what’s happened to Mali?

Across Africa, the pace of internet development is surging ahead of the global average. African internet bandwidth grew 41% between 2014 and 2015 to reach 2.9 terabits per second. Mobile broadband also grew by 41% in the same period – over 100 million people now use mobile internet in Nigeria alone. But the people of the landlocked north […]

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