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10 African super foods you need in your life right now (and why Westerners shouldn’t buy them)

Africa is overflowing with endemic super foods that are packed with pretty much every nutrient your body will ever need. But the seemingly endless nutrient counts are not matched in inexhaustibility by the continent’s reserves of super food – especially so with a ravenous western foodie culture desperate to blaze its way through every nutritious fashion trend that comes […]

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Award-winning water filter uses nanotechnology and sand to make clean H2o

A water filter that can absorb anything from copper and fluoride to bacteria, viruses and pesticides has won a prestigious African innovation prize. The award-winning device uses an unlikely mix of nanotechnology and sand to treat contaminated water, turning potentially life-threatening H2o into clean, safe and cheap drinking water. Askwar Hilonga, the Tanzanian chemical engineer […]

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Groundbreaking gravity lamp on cusp of being mass-produced in Kenya

In areas of developing countries where electricity is either unreliable or non-existent, kerosene lamps are the go-to choice for illuminating a household in the evening. Unfortunately, inhaling burning kerosene is not all that healthy for the human body and an accidentally knocked-over open flame can quickly turn a home into a tinderbox. In lieu of electricity for […]

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Cape Town artist illuminates plight of Table Mountain’s endemic species with roadside spectacle

A Cape Town artist is gaining international attention after installing an eye-catching series of glowing animals along a South African highway. The Endemic Project is an immersive visual-audio installation dotted along a densely forested road near Cape Town. The project is the brainchild of local artist Bryan Little, who is hoping to raise awareness of the unique […]

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