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Concrete creativity: The forgotten masterpieces of Afro Modernism

When a wave of independence swept across sub-Saharan Africa in the late 1950s and early 1960s, youthful nations looked to architecture as a means of expressing their newly-earned identity. Stadiums, parliament buildings, central banks, universities, conference centres and independence memorials were hastily constructed, typically built to bold and futuristic design. Modern, Utopian architecture paralleled the aspirations of countries determined to shape […]

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Landlocked Swaziland is dreaming of becoming a maritime power

Durban, Port of Richards Bay, Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam, Lagos… Africa is not short on monolithic seaports. These huge harbours act as vital access points for global trade and have become a key symbol of many developing nations’ aspirations for sovereignty and modernity. And now, a new player is intent on entering the game. Last month, the […]

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50 Cent takes bankruptcy in his stride; builds mansion in secret African location

50 Cent is building a secret mansion in Africa, despite filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US. The ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper showed off his luxurious new house last night, posting a video of the almost-completed construction to Instagram. Curtis Jackson, AKA 50 Cent, captioned the post: “My crib is almost finished in AFRICA. […]

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Internet speeds across Africa are surging – so what’s happened to Mali?

Across Africa, the pace of internet development is surging ahead of the global average. African internet bandwidth grew 41% between 2014 and 2015 to reach 2.9 terabits per second. Mobile broadband also grew by 41% in the same period – over 100 million people now use mobile internet in Nigeria alone. But the people of the landlocked north […]

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Boot trip in Mogadishu

In Mogadishu, Somalia, life is a beautiful beach

Let’s be honest: when you hear the word ‘Somalia’ what are the first thoughts that come to mind? War, lawlessness, poverty, hunger, pirates, failed-state and most of all, bombings, terrorism and Al-Shabbab are the things many associate with Somalia. While all of the above are true in varying degrees, the fact is that there is […]

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Unlocking the creative potential of the next generation: One picture at a time

How should we approach the challenge of developing not just the academic acumen of the next generation, but its creative power too? I started Snap Foundation to solve this very conundrum. Formed through a love of photography and the desire to give disadvantaged children a voice, the idea is to unlock the creative potential of the next […]

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How Uganda’s presidential aspirants are more colourful than those vying to replace Obama

With so many candidates in the mix for the 2016 Uganda general elections, some announced, some soon to announce, and some still on the fence, it’s tough to keep track of who is a serious contender against Uganda’s incumbent President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. To help out with that, The London Evening Post’s Kampala Political Correspondent Ruth Namatovu […]

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Stunning photos show real-life Mowgli growing up in the South African bush

This is the childhood we all dreamed of – well, all of us who watched The Jungle Book when we were kids. Tippi Degré was born in Namibia to French wildlife photographer parents. She was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by a bounty of exotic wildlife, spending most of her childhood playing with lion cubs, giraffes, […]

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It’s official: Uganda is the most entrepreneurial country on Earth

Okay, so this was unexpected. The East African nation once under the dictatorship of Idi Amin has been confirmed as the most entrepreneurial country on Earth. As South African Trilby Rajina writes, we “rarely associate the term entrepreneur with the corner shop owner, the fruit and veg seller or the person selling knick knacks at a local street market, […]

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Who are the wrestlers of Dakar – and why are they trying to win over a fighting matriarch called ‘Madame Tyson’?

A single dream is uniting young men across Senegal: to make it as a professional wrestler. Traditional wrestling, or ‘laamb’, is big money in the north west African country and a national sport – surpassing even football in popularity. Matches take place in great open-air arenas where fighters and spectators enact rituals that date back hundreds of […]

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Gay Pride Kampala: Ugandans rejoice

Activists in Uganda have held a gay pride rally, a year since a law requiring homosexuals to be jailed for life was overturned. Crowds danced, sang and waved rainbow flags at the event held outside the capital Kampala, the culmination of a week of celebrations. One of those attending hoped it would be a “step […]

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