Okaukuejo Waterhole Cam

Okaukuejo waterhole live cam

Deep within the recesses of the enchanting Etosha National Park in Namibia, spectators have the opportunity to gaze upon the everyday life of African animals.

The Okaukuejo waterhole is a space where the inhabitants of the wildlife sanctuary gather to enjoy this body of water in harmony.

From sunrise to sunset, this pool gets visits from a large number of curious and captivating creatures that tend to stay a while without unwanted visitors startling them.

Are you looking to join in on the wonderful experience of wildlife watching from the safety of your bedroom?

Relish witnessing a kaleidoscope of African mammals in a unique way, at one of the best safari destinations in Namibia.

The Ways of the Waterhole – History

From early 2022, the Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) gave public access to this stunning waterhole via webcam for people to experience and savor. The limitations of the pandemic for travel is why this installation took place.

This way, viewers have the opportunity to see the beauty of Etosha creatures, which may lead to future visits. With live action and 24-hour monitoring, this Okaukuejo Resort live cam provides an authentic way to view animals without too much human intervention.

Immerse yourself in the wild wonders of Africa via the solar-powered camera, capturing not only breathtaking visuals, but also gaining access to the melodies and calls of the African bush; bringing the essence of nature directly to you.

What makes the Okaukuejo waterhole cam so unique?

Other than the excitement of experiencing a virtual Namibian safari, this online viewing activity brings a bunch of amazing features to enjoy.

While the desert-like setting is a joy to witness in broad daylight, this camera also offers nighttime vision to observe nocturnal activity.

From late-night frolics to early riser animal activity, viewers can watch a network of time periods to see their favorite African animal at various hours. This waterhole is also one method to witness the black rhino’s elusive ways.

A fun fact about black rhinos: as they tend to be lone wolves, one of the best chances of catching a glimpse of these creatures is by water.

This is because they love to cool down in pools and mud, making the waterhole cam the perfect opportunity to gaze at these majestic beasts.

Okaukuejo Waterhole Live Camera – Animals to See

Okaukuejo waterhole animals, including elephants, springbok and kudu

One of the main reasons for continuously watching the waterhole streaming is seeing the wide array of animals that frequent this body of water.

While many tune in to check if they can spot a few numbers of the renowned Big Five, there are approximately 114 varieties of different mammals to witness.

From the towering African elephant to the sprinkle of springboks that circle the area, viewers will have the chance to discover something new each time they log on.

Take a Look at Okaukuejo Live Camera

A wildlife experience from the safety of your own couch, the Okaukuejo live stream is the perfect opportunity to get you excited and book a safari trip deal.

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