Enjoy Africa’s latest wildlife sightings from the Mahlasela Pan Hide in Tembe Elephant Park. The 300 km² reserve is located in South Africa, between KwaZulu-Natal and the Republic of Mozambique.

Tembe was originally established in 1983 to protect elephant herds migrating between Maputaland and southern Mozambique.

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What Animals to Expect at the Tembe LIVE Waterhole Cam?

Tembe Elephant Park is home to all members of the big 5, though elephants are clearly a local favourite. The area is famous for inhabiting some of the largest pachyderms in the world, weighing up to a whopping 7 tons.

“The best place in Southern Africa to see ivory elephants, in my opinion, is Tembe Elephant Park. Nowhere else have I seen so many bulls with such good ivory.” – Dr. Johan Marais, author of ‘Great Tuskers of Africa’ and ‘In Search of Africa’s Great Tuskers’.

Besides Big Tuskers, you can spot various mammals at the Tembe waterhole, including antelope like kudu, impala or nyala. The reserve is also a true birder’s paradise, hosting over 340 bird species.

What Did You Spot Today?

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