Addo Elephant National Park Cam

Addo Elephant National Park live cam

==> SANParks seem to have discontinued their live webcams for now (watch their still cams instead). We apologise for any inconvenience.

Known around the world, the Addo Elephant National Park is a fantastic wildlife viewing destination. Home to the iconic Big 5, visitors have the chance to see the black rhino, lion, leopard and wildebeest.

Situated on the Zuurberg mountain range, the landscape of Addo Elephant National Park offers an abundance of wild animals, flora and fauna.

As well as spectacular bird watching.

With this live stream, you can catch glimpses of the incredible wildlife in the park, right from where you’re sitting.

Addo park comprises five South African biomes. This is more than any other conservation area in the country, proving to be quite a feast for the eyes.

The biomes include grasslands, forest and subtropical thicket, Nama-Karoo and Cape heathland.

What Wildlife Can You Expect to See on the National Park Livestream?

Entwined elephant trunks close-up picture, Addo Elephant Park, South Africa

The park is, of course, mostly associated with seeing elephants. However, you can expect to see a wide range of species coexisting in this unique ecosystem.

This African water hole webcam changes perspective based on movement. This allows viewers to have the chance to spot an array of different animals arriving at the body of water.

If you have checked a weather report and noticed a heatwave in Port Elizabeth, be sure to tune into the stream.

There is a higher chance of animals congregating at the waterhole in these conditions, to refresh and quench their thirst.

Here are some of the larger mammals you stand the chance of spotting on the SANParks webcam:

Addo Elephant National Park is home to 415 bird species, given the flourishing environment of the area.

While it may be hard to differentiate between them, you’re bound to catch glimpses of the variety of specimens.

Flying above the water, or resting on the banks.

Keep your eyes open for the various bird species spotted on the cam:

  • Crowned hornbills
  • Dark-backed weavers
  • Knysna turacos
  • Jackal buzzard
  • Black-headed heron
  • Capped wheatear

Although you won’t be seeing them, there are also a number of amphibians and fish species living in the waters. Common river frogs, African bullfrogs, Karoo toads and painted reed frogs reside in the waters.

The park’s live stream runs late into the evening.

As the sun starts to set and the night begins to darken, you can spot the eyes of one of the resident animals, like a lonesome bull elephant.

This cam is the next best thing to visiting the Addo Elephant Park.

What Did You Spot Today?

Watch as curious warthogs make their way to the water and herds of elephants gather to cool off during a hot summer’s day.

This African watering hole webcam allows viewers from all over the world to tune into some of the continent’s wild magic.

And if this live stream isn’t quite cutting it, be sure to book a custom safari in Africa to see elephants and more in the wild.

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