Naledi Cat-Eye, situated in the Balule Game Reserve (South Africa), is one of Africam’s most famous waterholes and a local favorite for LIVE wildlife action.

Set up at eye level of a leopard, this waterhole web camera provides incredible perspectives of nature. You will be amazed by the sheer beauty of large animals, such as elephants or giraffes, as they approach water for a drink.

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Open Your Eyes for…

Big cats, elephants, giraffe, and many other types of mammals, birds and reptiles.

Other animals to expect at Naledi’s Cat-Eye LIVE Cam:

  • Cheetah (rare)
  • Lion (occasional)
  • Jackal (common)
  • Zebra (common)
  • Impala (common)
  • Waterbuck (common)
  • Kudu (common)
  • Baboon (common)
  • Warthog (common)
  • Owls (occasional)
  • Egyptian geese (common)
  • Hamerkop (occasional)
  • Genet (rare)
  • Mongoose (occasional)
  • Porcupine (rare)

What Did You Spot Today?

Feel free to comment below to share your latest wildlife sightings from Naledi Cat-Eye. 😉

Cheers and enjoy your virtual safari!

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