Pete’s Pond Cam

Pete’s Pond offers LIVE coverage from the Mashatu Game Reserve, a wholly preserved and untainted wilderness in eastern Botswana (at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers).

NB: This camera is now offline and it does not look like it will ever come back. We will definitely keep you posted if anything changes. In the meantime, you can watch other webcams here. Thank you.

Be on the lookout for…

It’s not mere coincidence that Mashatu is called the “Land of the Giants”, as it is home to no less than seven of Africa’s “giants” – the African elephant, the lion, giraffe, the baobab tree, the eland, ostrich and the kori bustard.

Other species of interest may include monitor lizards, baboons, vervet monkeys, warthogs, guineafowls, and many other bird species (like the hamerkop).

What did you spot today?

Feel free to comment below to share your latest wildlife sightings. 😉

Cheers and enjoy your virtual safari!

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179 thoughts on “Pete’s Pond Cam”

  1. Hey there!

    Here’s the very latest updates from Pete’s Pond (28 October 2019), from Paul:

    “Hi all,

    We are finalising the install date this week. We still hope to be live by mid November latest.

    Thank you all for the patience and we are all excited to get Pete’s Pond back up and running.”

    1. It’s over according to the Pete’s Pond Facebook page post on Nov 19th. Pete retired and the new management decided to cancel the contract for the cam since there is no support in the remote location. We’ve been waiting to see a new cam for a year and just when the new camera was to go live, the plug is pulled.

      The End

    2. Oct 2020 is already gone and it is sad that this site cannot sustain the simple ???? presentation that made it one of the most sought after cams that I am aware of. Too manny fingers in the pie certainly changed the course of this wonderful spot. Sad.

  2. Here’s the latest Pete’s Pond update (January 29th, 2019): “In view of the continued service issues, it’s been decided to move away from the current satellite link provider. We’ve managed to find a new provider and will replace the satellite link completely. This is expected to provide higher reliability and also has the option to upgrade it to higher speeds in future. The install date has been scheduled with the new provider for February 12th. Unfortunately, that means there is another wait, but it will result in an improved experience when it does come back online.” * Peter

      1. Hi Fran,

        Here’s the latest news from Pete’s Pond Official Facebook Page.

        Big changes on the way.

        Africam to take over streaming of Pete’s Pond, Kwa Maritane and Tau

        “WildEarth and Africam have agreed to transfer the streaming and distribution of the Pete’s Pond cam at Mashatu and the camera at Kwa Maritane from WildEarth to Africam. Additionally Africam will work with Tau Game Lodge to bring back that camera on their platform in the near future. The Djuma camera will continue to be operated and streamed by WildEarth.

        As WildEarth’s focus has increasingly shifted to guide-led content, it has become increasingly difficult to support these three cameras in a proper and timely manner. At the same time WildEarth did not want to stop support of them without finding a way to keep them running. WildEarth and Africam have been competitors at times, but the companies share a common origin and are built on the same passion for bringing the beauty of nature into people’s homes, live, as it happens.

        Africam was therefore a natural first choice when looking for someone to take good care of the cameras and the community. When Africam were approached, they immediately opened their arms and agreed to step in. This, interestingly, means that the Tau and Kwa locations come full circle. They first appeared on Africam ages ago, as refreshing still image cams in the closing years of the previous century! After they went off-line for some years, they were then revived by WildEarth seven to eight years ago, only to now return to Africam again…

        There will be an intermediate phase in the transfer where the cameras will be streamed directly to YouTube before being fully integrated into Africam’s web presence. This will guarantee that there will be no interruption in streaming and availability of a place to chat. When Pete’s Pond (next week) and Tau (soon) will come back it will be under Africam’s umbrella. The streaming of Kwa will be handed over to Africam at the time Pete’s Pond comes back online too.

        Behind the scenes WildEarth and Africam will be working with the zoomies and moderators to guide them through this transfer in a proper way as well.

        More detailed info, including links to any new pages or YouTube channels, will be posted in the coming days on WildEarth’s and Africam’s Facebook pages and the WildEarth website.

        We appreciate this announcement will come as a surprise, or even a shock, to many and will take some adjustment. However, both WildEarth and Africam believe that first and foremost this is in the interest of the large and loyal viewing community and are confident this change will help guarantee that these cameras can be continued to be enjoyed by so many for years to come.”

        Stay tuned for more info. We’ll make sure you are still able to view all the main live cams on Africa Freak.

        Thank you!

  3. Lone lioness stopped by the watering hole about 15 minutes ago and then live streaming went offline. I was amazed how the wart hogs didn’t seemed bothered by her presence. One snuck up behind her and sniffed her tail! Now the keets were a different matter. They didn’t take their eyes off of her .. lol

      1. Here’s Pete’s Pond latest news (via Peter):

        December 9: “Hi all, unfortunately, I got some bad news from Mashatu this morning. The camera went off-line yesterday due to some equipment being stolen from the hide. (A small silver lining is that the camera itself has not been taken.) I will start working on a plan to replace everything tomorrow but most will have to be ordered so it will likely be some time before we can get it in hand and installed.”

        December 21: “Hi all, it’s proving to be a slow process to get replacement parts, in particular for the satellite modem for which I have no confirmed date yet, although I am pushing for Monday hopefully. I am trying to get things organised for an install between Christmas and the New Year, but at this time cannot promise this will be possible yet.”

        Read more updates here:

        Thank you for your patience.

        1. Jeannine Jordan-Twine

          Thank you so much for all your efforts to spoil us with this live cam. Your efforts are really appreciated and valued!

  4. Two different species of wild cats visited the pond tonight. Definite identification of a Large Spotted Genet earlier and possibly a sighting of a rare African Wild Cat a few minutes ago. However, that later’s identification could possibly be up for debate. Sighted the leopard last week. Lots of recent cat activity though.

  5. Just finally saw the gator fully when he leaped out of the water! I’m addicted to watching this wonderful show of so many amazing creatures. Fascinating! Kudu this morning, rather evening for them. Thanks for the excitement!

  6. Van VanDeWalker

    Is there only one crocodile at the pond? Obviously it came from a water source, but how far away is one? The Limpopo? Also, how long would you think it will stay with no other crocs? I would think sooner or later mating season would call. Also somewhat surprised no other crocodiles show up here. Was this one brought here? Thanks for putting up with my questions. LOL

    1. Hi there,

      Great questions, and there’s no easy answer to be entirely honest! 😉

      Was it a large specimen? From what I know there’s definitely more than one.

      The crocodile you saw is probably a permanent resident, though they are not restricted to the pond and can move freely (Mashatu is at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers).

      Checkout what one of the zoomies managed to spot last year (not for the faint of heart):

      1. Now I know what caused the massive damaged to that large Reedbuck’s lower jaw and tongue! I haven’t sighted the Reedbuck since so I’m assuming the pack of hyenas made him into a meal. Very true Micheal, nature is definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

    2. There was a rain storm on the 22nd. For a couple night after the rain, there was a lot of frog song and croc activity. They appeared to be fishing for catfish. I counted 4 in a group at one time.

  7. I love taking in the sounds and beauty of Pete’s Pond. Have I noticed a 2nd crocodile at the pond? How does a crocodile get to the pond? How far away is the Limpopo River or wherever the crocs would be coming from? Thank you for any info and keep up the great work!

  8. Large Reedbuck standing alone by the pond – over to the left of the camera – before dawn. He appeared mortally wounded. His lower jaw was hanging and the tongue was badly mutilated, which seemed to be his only injuries. The crocodile was hunting him as he was standing very close to the water’s edge. A pack of 6 large hyenas circled him for quite some time and backed him into the water almost up to his belly. The Reedbuck lunged several times at the hyenas but you could tell he wasn’t long for this earth.

  9. With regards to the recent discovery of 96 elephants killed by poachers in Botswana, I am concerned for the family that visits the water hole regularly. I haven’t seen them lately. Have there been any sightings and are they okay?

    1. It’s 10:30 am on October 4, 2018 here on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in Canada so I’m unsure what time of the night that would be on your side of the world. I just witnessed a lot of human activity to the right of the observation hut – where the fish eagle perches on the dead tree – off in the distance. Several vehicles – at least 6 – came rushing in silently and there appeared to be many people walking about using flashlights to see into the bush areas. Please tell us what is going on. Poachers?

        1. Hi Michael – I’ve been watching this pond for over 5 years and have never heard or seen human activity before. That’s why it surprised me. A few weeks ago, there was 2 or 3 local men by the water beside the hut to the left of the camera pole during the daytime. Then the heavy car and flashlight activity the other night. Two days ago, there were women talking in the area behind the camera. Tonight a single vehicle with flood lamps was seen approaching the watering hole while the elephants were visiting. So much human activity lately just has me very concerned because of the increase in poaching.

          1. A very large herd of elephants was at the waterhole this afternoon. They left in a hurry. Some were running. Shortly afterwards, men could be heard talking. They were not speaking english. This went on for some time and sudden a pig began screaming. After the pig stopped screaming, the men could be heard talking again. Then the camera went offline. After a while, the camera came back online and the men could still be heard talking. This time though, it was clear they were walking inside the hut area because of the sound of their footsteps on a wooden surface. The camera then went offline again.

      1. The croc spent many daylight hours under the building behind the electric fence that day, he finally got out and I was able to go to bed. Maybe the people were trying to help him leave the confines of the fenced in area?

  10. Hi there, I am hearing in some chat rooms that there may be a young giraffe there with a broken fetlock. If this is the case would a team go in and try to rescue it, and possibly try to fix it? Poor thing won’t stand a chance. Thank you for answering my question.

  11. There was a giraffe with a broken leg. It was trying to get a drink of water. This giraffe looks to be dehydrated. Is there anyone there that can help this poor animal? Is there a way to get to somewhere where it can be helped? It’s really sad to see.

    1. If a local vet team finds her, it will most definitely look into it. However, as sad as it may seem, this is part of nature and man is not meant to interfere (unless we are dealing with poaching).

  12. Is the camera able to be controlled to move it around? I am curious to see what is making the noises in the water. It sounds closer to the camera, maybe next to it or below it.

  13. Hi, I have to say I absolutely love this live stream, it’s just so peaceful, and I also enjoy all the wildlife. My question is, what are those things flying around when the night camera is on? They look like arrows flying through the air, there are always a whole lot of them all the time. Thank you so much for answering my question.

    1. Hi Kym,

      While it’s hard to tell you exactly what type of insects they are, most of the flying “arrows” you spot are probably moths (type of nocturnal insects related to butterflies). Moths are attracted to the spotlight that illuminates the waterhole.

      So that is most probably what you see when the night camera is turned on. 😉

      1. Thank you so much for responding to my question, 🙂 and again thank you for allowing us to view this live camera, i love it, as to many

  14. Hello out there in most wondrous Africa! I’m trying so hard to be patient but I miss Pete’s Pond SO much. I know a new camera was found and they were working on the audio back on Feb 7. While I do realize things can take quite a while to get done in remote places, I was just wondering if I could humbly ask for any updates you may have? Thank you. Sherry S.

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