Do’s and don’ts in a national park


– Bring comfortable clothing and gear up for your outing in the bush. Don’t forget your insect repellent, a good torch, sunblock and a hat, a pair of binoculars, and your latest camera model! 😉

– Pay your entrance fee and keep your permit with you at all times.

Serengeti Fees…

– Take as many pictures as you want and experience the peace and calmness of the African bush.

– Enjoy the wildlife and Africa’s exquisite sunset with a cup of tea, biscuits or a nice cold beer.

Allowed activities: guided game drives and walks, camping (only in designated areas) and/or mountain bike trails (not in big 5 areas).


Pet free zone. Pets are not allowed inside any African national park as they may interact, harm (or get harmed) by the local fauna.

Gun free zone. For obvious reasons, guns are also forbidden. The only people who are allowed a gun are the local guides and some members of staff.

Don’t interplay with wild animals. NB: Touching the game is prohibited!

– Do not feed the game (as they may get sick). Feeding wild animals also establishes a dependency cycle and this is definitely not how things ought to be.

Ironic, isn’t it? 🙂

– Only drive on allowed roads.

Hanging out of vehicles/unattended walks are forbidden. Inadvertent tourists are looking for trouble.

Overnight stays are only allowed in designated areas (camping areas, lodges, etc.).

Overspeeding is not accepted. In most national parks, the allowed speed is between 30 and 50 km/h max. In some instances (on tarred roads for example), travel speed may reach 60-65 kph.

– National parks have strict opening/closing hours. Make sure you leave the park entry before dark.

Ngorongoro Gate Entry Times.

– Keep your noise levels low at all times (especially at night). Noise is a nuisance to both guests and animals.

Drunken behavior is not tolerated, and alcohol may not be consumed in public areas nor in your private vehicle.

– What you see in a national park must remain that way. In other words, removing firewood or disrupting the flora are an absolute no no.

Smoking/making fire is prohibited.

– Do not litter.

SANParks Rules and Regulations Illustrated (VIDEO)

“Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!” 😉

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