How to find water in the Kalahari Desert

We usually take water for granted. Yet in a lot of regions worldwide (including Africa), water is a scarce resource.

The Kalahari Desert is no exception. However, you will notice that the Bushmen people (also known as the San people), have found a great way to adapt to the harsh environment.

In order to find water in the Kalahari Desert, they use a specific root called the “bi! bulb”.

“Bi!”, in bushman language means “milk”, and the bi! bulb is often referred to as the milk root.

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  1. waldirdesouzajunior

    The bi bulb plant is a very godsend gift of nature, I am very impressed with this precious plant that survives into the desert and its marvelous bulb that provides us water, and makes it possible for people who cross the desert and being prepared and having enough knowledge about its existence and benefits, it makes life possible on very arid areas!

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