Most spectacular African wildlife videos

There’s a lot of great African wildlife videos out there, but the ones you’re about to see are nothing less than spectacular (definitely some of the best in the past few years).

Enjoy and feel free to add your selection to the list! 😉

1. Escape Plan

The following has to be one of the most incredible African wildlife video ever caught on camera. You’ll soon realize the impala has a rather “unorthodox” (yet extremely efficient) way to escape from the hungry cheetah.

Who said happy endings were boring? 😉

2. Angry Hippo

Despite their sheer size and heavy weight, it’s amazing to see how fast hippos can move in water (they literally run on the river bed, rather than swim – hence their nickname: “river horse”).

Hippos are highly territorial and can be extremely aggressive, especially during the breeding season. Do not mess with a hippo as it truly means business.

3. Hercules the Elephant

When a young elephant is outnumbered by 14 lions, things can be really tricky.

Tricky, but not impossible! Here’s what happened…

4. Cruel Fate

African wild dogs are well known for their hunting strategy and skills (they have a kill success rate of over 80%). In this case however, it might’ve been a completely different story if the 4×4 wasn’t in the way.

5. Free Rider

When you look at the size of this beautiful rock python, it’s hard to imagine it could fit in a car’s bonnet. I wouldn’t want to meet this fellow for sure (at least not under the same circumstance).

6. Uninvited Table Guest

Sharing is “caring”, though definitely not an option when an uninvited guest interrupts a lions’ feast.

Seems like the croc was still able to steal a small piece of the pie.

Gotta love one of the cubs’ attitude after the croc departed. “Don’t you dare come again, or I’ll rip you to pieces!” 🙂

7. Stranded Warthog

What would you do if you were in the warthog’s “hooves” (damn right, warthogs do not wear shoes – lame joke, you say? 🙂 )?

And what would you think of if these were your last moments of life?

Poor little Pumba.

8. Lions vs Croc

Another rare moment captured on video. Too bad they ran out of “memory cards”, though the image footage is still worth every second.

9. Up Close and Personal

Up close and personal with the King of the Jungle.

If you’re familiar with the “Lion Whisperer” (Kevin Richardson), you may have already seen some of his work.

Not your average “kitty cat”, right? Makes you realize how majestic and powerful these animals really are.

It also makes you wonder why some people still pay big bucks to shoot them in a “canned hunting” facility? Definitely something I don’t understand about humans.

10. Serengeti from Above

Embark on a journey over the Serengeti and witness one of the most pristine ecosystem on this planet. Simply breathtaking!

Aerial footage taken with a remote-control “BeetleCopter” (drone). Will Burrard-Lucas, professional wildlife photographer, sees drones as having “incredible potential in wildlife filmmaking; they are quieter and more maneuverable than a traditional helicopter so they can get close to animals with minimal disturbance”.

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