Orpen Cam

Orpen waterhole live cam

==> SANParks seem to have discontinued their live webcams for now (watch their still cams instead). We apologise for any inconvenience.

This Orpen cam is in the thicket near a Kruger National Park resting camp.

Orpen Main Rest Camp features Barberton daisies and marvelous aloes.

With scattered acacias, wide-open plains, and a watering hole, the camp attracts a lot of visitors.

And not all of them are like us.

The sweetgrass and water draw in big cats, such as lion, cheetah, and leopard. As well as foraging baboons and thirsty impala.

Antelopes are the most popular visitors to the bank. However, occasionally, as the sun starts to set you can start hearing the trumpets of an elephant’s trunk.

They come to splash in the dam.

The camp offers daily game walks, safari game drives, as well as night time drives.

Although, if you’re not able to get to the park, SANParks webcams offer a brilliant live stream cam.

It allows you to see all the wildlife congregating at the water.

What You Can Expect to See on the SANParks Webcam

Young greater kudu in golden meadow, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Given Orpen’s private, secluded location, the webcam has uninterrupted views. Free from tourist vehicles and with open spaces, the watering hole boasts peaceful animal sightings.

Animals you stand a chance of seeing:

If you’re lucky, after a couple of viewing sessions you could potentially have seen the Big 5. It’s the perfect chance to have a real Kruger experience.

Bird enthusiasts will be happy to know that the cam also reveals spectacular birdwatching. Early morning and late evening is the best time to tune in for great bird spotting.

Morning bird watching:

  • African hawk
  • Brown snake eagle
  • Bateleur
  • Red-footed falcon
  • Black-chested snake eagle
  • African goshawk
  • Little sparrowhawk
  • Wahlberg’s eagle
  • Lesser spotted eagle

Evening and night time bird viewing:

  • Pearl-spotted owlet
  • African barred owlet
  • African grass owl
  • Fiery-necked nightjar
  • Freckled nightjar

The Camps Foundation and History of the Kruger National Park

One of the biggest problems that the Kruger National Park faces is a lack of water. With hot temperatures, tourism increasing, and game populations growing – it’s an issue that needs constant attention.

In the 1930s, JH Orpen and his wife bought 7 farms and helped sponsor boreholes for conservation purposes. By purchasing this land, they extended the park’s total area by 24 500 hectares.

This provided more opportunities for breeding, protected regions for habitat, and efficient water supply. As well as a space for visitors to appreciate the beauty of Africa.

If you happen to visit the camp, you’ll come across a white rondavel, which is where the gates to the park once stood. It is now a museum to commemorate JH Orpen and Eileen.

What Did You Spot on the Kruger National Park Live Camera?

This live cam in South Africa allows viewers from anywhere in the world to appreciate the nature, wildlife, and beauty of Africa.

If you’re itching to hop on a plane to see this all for yourself, book a tailor-made safari to lay eyes on elephants, lions, and an array of grazers in action.

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