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1. The “Domestic” Hippo

Hippos are known to kill more humans in Africa than any other wild mammals. Jessica however, is the complete opposite and has never shown any signs of aggression. She’s such a doll, don’t you think?! 🙂

2. When Baby Dumbo Gets a Fright

Hilarious elephant video: a must watch! It’s the cutest thing ever… 😉

3. Warthog “Spa” in the African Bushveld

Nothing feels better than a refreshing mud bath when the sun is out… and your back is itching! This warthog definitely knows how to enjoy life! 🙂

4. Chimp with Smoking Problem

Quit smoking Charlie, it’s not good for you!

5. Safaris of the Future? Hopefully not…

A humorous look at what could happen if we don’t take wildlife and conservation seriously. Hopefully though, this will never “ever” be the case… 😉

Bonus 1: Clever Heron

Watch out carefully how this bird fellow uses bait to attract fish. Pretty clever, huh?! Simply astonishing! 🙂

Bonus 2: Funny Orangutan 🙂

What a clown! Do not try this at home! 😉 🙂