Mpala Research Centre – River Wildlife Cam

Mpala river wildlife live cam

Situated in Kenya, this wildlife cam is upriver from the watering hole at the Mpala Research Centre.

The cam is perfectly placed at a bend near the river, allowing you to witness animals journeying to the water.

While many of us dream of seeing the African elephant up close and personal, this wildlife experience is second best.

In just one day an elephant needs to consume 152 liters of water.

And with over 7000 elephants residing in the Laikipia region, they feature almost daily on the cam as they slowly wander to the water.

When the cam isn’t showing off animal species, you can gaze upon the African landscape throughout the seasons.

The tall trees, shrubs, and bushes provide the ideal grazing grounds.

Families of monkeys, birds, scavenging land mammals, and herds of different buck species enjoy the area.

If you’re an early riser, tune in between 6 and 7 am for the opportunity to witness a beautiful sunrise.

Not only is the sky incredible, but you’ll also be able to hear the sounds of Africa waking up.

With birds chirping away, and the groans of sleepy elephants.

Which African Animals You Can Expect to See on the Mpala Research Centre River Live Cam

Lone Burchell's zebra and some impala at the Mpala Research Centre in Laikipia, Kenya

The Mpala River wildlife cam shows off two sides of the banks. This provides the opportunity to spy upon plenty of fantastic wildlife. Including the tall necks of giraffes and families of vervet monkeys hanging from the trees.

Here are some of the local mammals you might be able to spot throughout the day:

Besides the gigantic elephants and herculean hippopotamuses, there are many smaller creatures. Like the hyrax, who is the elephant’s closest relative.

Smaller animals you can keep an eye out for:

The most common animals you will see on the cam are an array of indigenous bird species. While you’ll need a good eye to distinguish them, here are some of the spectacular birds that the wild animal camera reveals.

Hippo Cam: Waterhole Livestream

As the animals embark on their journey, you can tune into the live stream of the Mpala watering hole. Witness hippos playing in the waters, or young elephants excitedly dipping in and out of the river.

What Did You Spot Today?

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No matter where you are in the world, these live cams allow you to see Africa totally unedited and undisturbed.

Listen to the sounds of small antelope making their way through the grass, or enormous elephants thumping between the trees.

However, if this sounds too good to not see in person, you can always partake in a custom-made safari to spot all the animals living in Africa.

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