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What is a Balloon Safari?

A balloon safari is probably the most romantic way to discover Africa’s wildlife treasures. As its name entails, it is a safari experience whereby tourists have a unique perspective of the wildlife below; from a hot air balloon.

What you will love

  • Rise above the Earth with the sunrise.
  • Absolute stillness experience. Float silently above the plains, in whichever direction the wind is taking you.
  • Extraordinary photographic opportunities and stunning scenery.

  • Your pilot controls the altitude of the balloon. Sometimes flying at treetop height, other times way below (as if you could almost scratch a lion’s back! 🙂 ).
  • Champagne breakfast awaits wherever you land, in the midst of the African bush. No ordinary breakfast, believe me!
  • A certificate is presented to each passenger and signed by the pilot in person to commemorate the flight.


  • Wake up before dawn (+/- 5 am; launch @ 6 am).
  • Cost: $400-500.
  • Fear of heights? It may not be for you then. Talk to your safari operator for advice. However, the sensation is very different from aircraft flight and is unlikely to cause vertigo. 😉
  • Flight duration: approximately 1 hour (way too short). If only it could last forever! 🙂
  • The noise from the hot air balloon burner can be annoying for both people and animals. Notice nevertheless that new balloons are equipped with “whisper” burners, thus minimizing the overall noise.

What to bring with you

1. Layered clothing for “cold-natured” people. Remember however that the basket stays relatively warm thanks to the burner. In addition, the balloon flows with the wind, never against.

2. A good pair of binoculars (to scan the horizon) and a camera are always handy.

3. A hat or cap is recommended.

4. Your “eagle-eyes” and enthusiasm. Enjoy every moment of it, as this will most certainly be one of the highlights of your life. 🙂

Where to go (Top Destinations)

1. Serengeti Balloon Safari, Tanzania.

2. Masai Mara Balloon Safari, Kenya.

3. Sossusvlei Balloon Safari, Namibia (over the Namib Desert).

4. Amboseli Balloon Safari, Kenya (amazing views of Mt Kilimanjaro).

5. Hot Air Ballooning in the Drakensberg, South Africa.