Kwa Maritane


Enjoy Africa’s latest wildlife sightings from the Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge in Pilanesberg Game Reserve (South Africa).

NB: If you’re having issues with the webcam viewer, please clear your cache. If it still doesn’t work, you may need to try this page in another Internet browser (usually solves the problem). As a last resort, give us your feedback in a comment below and we’ll investigate further. Thank you.

What Wildlife to Expect at the Kwa Maritane Waterhole Cam?

Pilanesberg is home to the big 5, on top of which you can see anything from zebras to giraffes and various species of antelope. Believe it or not, but even wild dogs are sometimes spotted on the waterhole camera.

What Did You Spot Today?

Feel free to comment below to share your latest wildlife sightings at Kwa Maritane. 😉

Cheers and enjoy your virtual safari!

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175 thoughts on “Kwa Maritane”

  1. Where did the second hippo come from last week, around June 18 or June 19, 2020?

    It was amazing to watch. I was sorry to see him or her leave after a few days.

    Hoping another visitation will occur soon.

    1. Hi Rosemary,

      I’m not sure, I didn’t pick it up but am glad you witnessed it. 🙂

      That being said, it is currently the dry season in South Africa.

      So perhaps this particular hippo had to move away from another receding water source?

      Or it just came in to say hello?

      As you probably know, hippos are highly territorial. The fact that the visitor left only “after a few days”, might also be a sign that it got kicked out by the current resident hippo.

      Yes, let’s see what happens next.


      1. I happened to be watching when the new hippo arrived. The two hippos fought immediately.

        In fact, the new one charged into the water and went right toward the resident hippo!

        They kept at it for a long time. I finally went to bed. After that they pretty much stayed on opposite sides of the pond.

        Eventually, they would leave the pond together, one behind the other and even eat grasses near one another!

          1. There are once again two hippos in the pond at Kwa M! They re not fighting as was the case last time, however I did not see when the second one arrived.

          2. In the past 8 days I have seen 2 hippos, a leopard, giraffes, zebras, elephants, monkeys of some sort, warthogs, and a multitude of deer-like animals with horns, rabbits, rhinos briefly, turtles, assorted birds, and what appeared to be a house cat! Great week for viewing! Now if it would just rain. The pond is so low!

          3. After looking at your African Wild cat pictures, it was definitely an African Wildcat.
            Thanks for clearing that up.

    2. I haven’t been able to get the live stream on my computer for days now. Is the site down for repairs or something?

      Today’s date is July 3, 2020 in NJ, USA.

      1. My reply to Michael’s question of July 28, 2020… After reading about and looking at the African Wild Cat photos you provided, what I saw was an African Wild Cat. It was a very brief look, as it was just exiting the bushes near the pond and heading back toward the open field going towards the resort.

  2. Christa Badenhorst

    On my bucket list was to go to the Kwa pond, I did that last week. It was GREAT, thank you for allowing people from other camps to visit the hide, what a lovely bunch of people working there.

    1. The pond looks like it is in very poor shape compared to other years at this time. The algae bloom is very bad. I’m concerned the animals will get sick drinking and being in that water. It also is very low and has been for months. I hope someone will do something about this sad state of pond.

  3. Johanna de Bruin

    Do you have any idea when the technical issues will be sorted, and the camera will be back online? Getting serious animal withdrawal symptoms!

      1. Thank you for sharing the Jessica link – loved it.
        I sat through two different Children’s Christmas Programs this week and both featured that song.
        I found it ironic that I had never heard it before; heard it again the same week, and then stumbled across your webcam to see a hippo playing in the water!
        So I thought quoting the lyrics to that song seemed appropriate.

        What was “amazing”? A freakin wild hippo! Not a care in the world.
        We have a hippo at our local zoo – no comparison to seeing one that was free to come and go, even if it was only with a camera.

        I left the sight streaming all night and caught the elephants this morning – mesmerizing

  4. The sound of footsteps and people talking make the sound of nature hard to hear, sometimes the people talk too loud and you can only hear them and not the animals.

    1. Jeannine Jordan-Twine

      I agree, the human sounds far outweigh the beautiful sounds of nature. Is it not possible to fix that? Watching the waterhole is such a gift.

      1. It looks like a baby hippo was born yesterday. Saw it on the shore line and also in the water.
        Can anyone verify if it actually is a baby hippo?

  5. Great night time video! Egyptian Geese sounded the alarm – 3 lionesses walked by, and one paused to drink. Nice camera work zooming in on her!

  6. Chris Forster

    Hi Michael,

    Lovely view of the pair of Yellow billed duck in the lilies. 🙂

    Is there any chance of the lens getting a clean? Bit of as ghost showing on the shot.



          1. Did you clear your cache? It’s working fine here, and I tested the page on 4 different browsers.

            Or perhaps you’re talking about the WildEarth website? If so, it’s still off indeed.

            Keep me posted,


      1. Your site is working today beautifully. It wasn’t yesterday though for the few minutes I was here.
        It’s the Wild Earth website that hasn’t been working. I thought I was doing something wrong,
        I am relieved to find out it’s not my IPad! Can you tell me if any hippos have been at Kwa for the past few months?

        1. I briefly saw the hippo a few minutes ago! Unfortunately, the cam moved away quickly.

          Hopefully, they will move the cam back shortly. It’s the first time in over a year I have been able to see one at Kwa.

          1. There was some lovely views of the hippo during the night, even walking out of the waterhole. Yes, that is the Pilanesberg fire burning in the background behind the mountain.

          2. There appears to be either a lot of dust or more smoke in the back ground again. Is that a dust storm or another smoldering fire or animals fighting? Guess it’s hard to tell unless you right there.

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