Olifants River Cam

Olifants river live cam

Enjoy Africa’s latest wildlife sightings along the banks of the mighty Olifants River, in Balule Game Reserve.

The 400 km² reserve is located in the Limpopo Province, South Africa, and is part of the Greater Kruger National Park.

Olifants River live cam streams from Naledi Game Lodge, providing spectacular views of the riverine environment.

What Wildlife to Expect at the Olifants River LIVE Cam?

The Olifants River LIVE streaming web camera promises wonderful opportunities to spot both riverine and bush-dwelling animals.

From bathing hippos and crocs, to elephants, buffalo and the occasional big cats, the Olifants attracts an abundance of wildlife.

Here’s a few more animal species that live in the Balule reserve:

The area is also great for birding with more than 250 species recorded.

The perennial river creates a perfect environment for many waders and raptors, especially eagles.

What Did You Spot Today?

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Cheers and enjoy your virtual safari! 😉

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8 thoughts on “Olifants River Cam”

      1. I think we know the difference between the sounds cameras and rivers make and the sounds from a building site. We can hear heavy machinery, complete with reversing horns, heavy objects being dropped and workmen shouting at each other. What is going on and doesn’t it keep some of the animals away?

        1. Hi Jack,

          I can hear the annoying sounds as well. There’s definitely construction work, though I do not have more info at this point.

          Perhaps they’re upgrading the facilities at Naledi Game Lodge? Or improving road infrastructure?

          Noise does indeed have an impact on wildlife. Let’s hope this is only temporary.

  1. I also love the sleeping baboons…What was that horrendous noise last night…sounded like hippos fighting or something wounded?

  2. Fascinating to observe the sleeping mother baboon and her child.

    You wonder what they are dreaming.

    They must have tremendous balancing capability to sleep on a limb.

    Thanks for making these viewings possible.

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