Mpala Research Centre – Animal Lookout Cam

Mpala animal lookout live cam

Nestled deep in Kenya’s wildlife-rich Laikipia county is a unique, living laboratory.

It’s called the Mpala Research Centre and it’s a hub for innovative wildlife research.

Hundreds of species of animals, big and small, call the area home.

And luckily for animal lovers, the centre broadcasts the happenings of these animals to the entire world, via several live streams.

There are a couple of live animal cameras designated to the bustling watering hole at Mpala.

As well as one focused on the scenes of the Ewaso Ng’iro river, upstream from said watering hole.

However, the animal lookout camera above offers a bit of both. It provides an alternative viewpoint, focusing on the watering hole and surrounding river activity.

The stream pulls you into a tranquil African world, where you can watch the animals going about their daily lives.

You can also rest your ears on the peaceful sounds of the savannah.

Birds sing sweetly in the trees and hippos chuckle warmly from the water. All in real-time.

For the best experience, tune into the animal livestream at the crack of dawn for some sunrise magic.

The colors are typically stunning, and the wildlife is exceptionally active.

The same is true for stunning African sunsets, so you can take your pick of viewing times.

Animals to Spot on the Wildlife Webcam

Lone reticulated giraffe at the Mpala Research Centre in Laikipia, Kenya

The watering hole is a favorite among the resident hippos. So you can expect to see many of them playing, soaking in the warm waters, and lazing on the muddy banks.

Hippos aren’t the only spectacle available on the stream, though. Some of Africa’s most revered animals make regular appearances.

Elephants, reticulated giraffes, and vervet monkeys, among many others, steal the show daily.

You can expect to see some of these magnificent mammals while watching:

The local birds are a little harder to spot than the larger animals listed above. But you may very well set eyes on some of the following species, and more:

You might even spot a few reptiles roaming around, including:

What Did You Spot Today?

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Who would have thought that we could take a trip to wild Africa from the comfort of our homes?

A few clicks can place us in the heart of the diverse Ewaso ecosystem.

We can witness Africa’s wildlife, in all of its glory, unaware of our presence and undisturbed.

All thanks to these live animal cameras in the wild.

Take the opportunity to escape into a tranquil slice of the world, and learn a little about Africa’s wonders.

Also feel free to drop a comment below with your spot of the day!

As amazing as this technology is, nothing can replace the real thing. To see these animals with your own two eyes, book a tailor-made safari experience and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

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