Tau Cam

Tau waterhole live cam

Enjoy South Africa’s latest wildlife sightings from Tau Game Lodge in Madikwe Game Reserve.

The 750 km² bushland is currently the fifth largest game reserve in the country, yet it remains relatively unknown to the general public.

Tau was originally established in 1991 as farming was not viable in the area.

The LIVE webcam is set in a beautiful region known as the Groot Marico, named after the Marico River.

The lodge overlooks Tau waterhole, an oasis for wild animals.

What Animals to Expect at the Tau LIVE Waterhole Cam?

Madikwe Game Reserve is home to all members of the big 5, following a successful reintroduction program called Operation Phoenix.

As a result, over 10 000 mammals were relocated to the reserve, and today 60+ mammal species inhabit the thriving ecosystem.

Besides the Big Five you can spot various mammals at the Tau waterhole, including various antelopes like kudu, impala or the majestic sable.

The reserve is also a true birder’s paradise, hosting over 300 bird species.

Here’s a brief species list of animals you might spot on the Tau LIVE waterhole camera (good luck!):

What Did You Spot Today?

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Feel free to comment below to share your latest wildlife sightings at Tau.

Cheers and enjoy your virtual safari! 😉

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9 thoughts on “Tau Cam”

  1. I saw a thick-knee in the dark but it was so bleached out in the night light, I cannot say which kind it is. What kind is most likely at Tau waterhole? Thanks.

  2. Bridget Morris

    The camera does not seem to spend any time on rhinos that come to drink, but quickly moves away from them. Some have cute babies. Otherwise, the wildlife here is amazing! And the sunset against the mountain backdrop and reflected in the water is gorgeous.

      1. Bridget Morris

        How awful. Thanks for explaining. And WOW! Last night I heard and saw a male lion. Thrilling!

  3. Meaghan Edwards

    One of my favorites! Seen some incredible sightings here including a brown and spotted hyena feeding off the same carcass (impala, I think), without any aggression between them.

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